Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Enjoying a Higher Quality of Life

"We need to look up at the moon... and we need to SMILE." -B. Shields
Greetings everyone,
Hope all is well in your worlds. Quite the trip to fairbanks area this past weekend. Took a look at a few properties in the Tok area to do some training around in the upcoming training season. Lots of fires in the interior. Went canoeing on Chatanika on the 4th w/ Dan Kaduce, a fellow Quest musher. Had fun hanging at his place w/ Jodi and other friend's as well. We learned that the area of Alaska they reside in receives 30 percent of all the lightning hits in the Greatland. Enjoyed visiting Lance and Tonga as well. Too smoky for too long a stay however.

Nice to be back at the lake, gorgeous outside yet hard to write today. Too busy losing water. Not thru sweat but tears. It's only appropriate that Michael is being buried under a full moon, as he would have wanted. Time to go howl! HHN


At 6:29 AM , Blogger Bill Borden said...

Just checking in. Thought about you both and wondered how things where going some I checked the blog. "Enjoying a higher Quality of Life" how true it is,

checking in from the "Rat Race" outside,



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