Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Heaven on the Hudson

"Nobody loves you when you're down and out, No one sees you when you're on cloud nine. Everyone is hustling for a buck and a dime. I'll scratch your back- you scratch mine. I've been across to the other side. I've shown you everything- I've got nothing to hide... All I can tell you is- it's 'showbiz'..." -- John Lennon

Hey everyone,
Greetings from Westchester County, New York. Staying with the Simon family just south of West Point Military Academy. Beautiful rolling hills run alongside the river's edge, gorgeous weather to match. Sunny but cool for Wild Bill so he doesn't overheat too much. School talks are going well- the teachers and students have all been enthralled. (Though few remember my name- only Mr. Bill's) Heading to Jersey manana then down to Obamaland. The energy at our various presentations has been awesome to witness, what these teachers do on a day to day basis containing it is quite heroic. If only we could put harnesses on these kids and have them pull a sled. It sure does feel good to be young- doesn't it?
One child, Katie, designed a patch for our racing parka. It's orange and blue- her mom Judy helped make it as well. Underneath the dogteam it says: Laughing Eyes Kennel Fights The Wind and Frostbite. Just another reminder of Mother Nature's power over us tiny humans and our canine compadres. Our thanks to these ladies as well as all the teachers and vulunteers at the various schools who helped make everything run so smoothly. Especially Mrs. Byrnes, Dana Duffy, Mr.D., Coach John and Coach Derek as well as a possible future teacher on the trail- Sally Simon. Our 2nd visit to this area has been twice as much fun! Hope to see you all again next year. And to Sally's husband Gary- the next round's on me and hopefully we'll be having it up in Alaska. Enjoy your view! Hugh www.laughingeyeskennel.com


At 5:22 PM , Blogger Denise said...

Thank you for stopping at Johnnycake Elementary. You did a great job! A student took out the book you left for the school today,which other students wanted too.~Denise


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