Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Conversations with The Puerto Rican Musher

"Now I'm heading back home, where I know it's safe and warm- chores over, I know I'm satisfied after our long hard ride. Way out here tonite, the stars shine so bright. Oh, what a beautiful land! It's no mystery to me- it's easy to see. This has all been painted by the master's hand..." -- Hobo Jim

Hey y'all,
Had a wonderful visit with an old amigo from Austin, Texas- Jaime. Originally from the hills of Puerto Rico this fella has been running dogs on and off for over a decade now. It was Jaime's 1st visit to Annie Lake, hopefully not his last. We figure If Hans get can train a kid from Jamaica to become a competent long-distance sleddog musher why not our enthusiastic hombre too! Jaime's got the knowledge and talent, obviously his biggest obstacle, like many, will be overcoming their inner fears. For Jaime it's the -- CCCCOOOOLLLLLLDDDDDDD!!!!!

Always fun to hang with folks who have different perspectives on life. So much information to decipher. What is a monumental task for some may just be a walk in the park for others. Typically experience is a major ally in any endeavor. That's why folks who are energetic and ready to jump behind a 16 dog team for a few weeks should seek to learn from others so that they may avoid mistakes in the future. Whether they are paying attention and listening?- well- the wisest people realize their personal weaknesses.My list is long, a journey that becomes stranger by the year. That's why sooner than later, I had better release all of this info. from my head before it languishes amidst forgotten memories.

The last few summers I've been promising to put pen to hand yet the dogs and canoe seem to demand my attention. This past season however has a story that must be told, it's just too laughable to believe. I have competition with wonderful books like Mitch's Seavey's recent novel, a must for beginning musher's. Joe Runyan's writing about some dude named Lance too. Our piece is Tentatively Called: Tails of the Gypsy Musher: "Going To The Dawgs" Unlike other mushing books, our saga will not exactly be a 'how- to' book, more of a 'watch out for this'! Its emphasis will be concentrated not just on how to be a better musher but better Dawg. Now some folks may call them pets or 'working animals', we call them family: our community filled with lil' furry oompa-loompas. Tamra and her mother were laughing on the phone the other day- "Hugh, says he has to wait til the next full moon before he can start writing this book." You ladies looked outside up at the stars lately, we're getting closer...

While out canoeing on the lake yesterday afternoon with Tamra and Jaime we were mesmerized by the skies above. Not because of the moon but the depth of blue beyond the mountain's peaks. What a majestic view to behold, with the sheep prancing alongside the cliff's edge- the magnetitude of Mother Nature leaves us silly simple humans gaping in awe at all our eyes have beheld. Now some folks may have faith in the afterlife, others seek to understand the unknown thru prayer. For some of us their is no question about it- We speak with the Great Almighty each and every day. Just by opening our eyes and smiling... HHN


At 7:45 PM , Blogger SARAH said...

Hey! You just came to my school and i thought that it was pretty cool!


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