Saturday, May 09, 2009

Keeping an Eye on the Future...

"Sometimes You have to lose yourself in order to find yourself."
- Mickey Rourke

Hey Kids,
Bill and Hugh's most excellent adventure is off to a roaring start. It's as if we're on an endless field trip. While most of you are studying us while we are up on stage- all of You schoolkids are being analyzed as well- by me and my buddy Mr. Bill. So far everyone has been amazing. Our 1st talk was with Tamra's parent's group in Toronto which is known as the Probus Society. This is a bit more mature of an audience than we're used to but easily one of the best. With all of the wisdom in the room it was an enlightening experience. We were given some slippers to try out that can be heated up in a microwave and our designed for feet circulation, can't wait to try them out. Brian and Gillian were fun to spend some time with as well as Tamra's brother Shaun.

From there we performed 2 shows in Webster, NY that were filled with much merriment and laughter. A special thanks to Mrs. Greenberg and Mr. Darling as well as our host families the McMillens and Daniels. Wild Bill has been a wonderful crowd pleaser- "Oh, he's so beautiful!" It's funny to watch him stare at our short video presentation, I can't help but start laughing everytime. The drive from Rochester to our next speech in Waverly on the Pennsylvania border was breathtaking. We followed an old glacial route that is now a formation of lakes. The rolling hills reminds one actually of... the south! The kids there were great, Mrs. Orner's class was even nice enough to sing us the Iditarod Trail song that Hobo Jim wrote. "Is he really a hobo?", one of the girls inquired after their recital. Waverly is up in the hills with gorgeous views of the valley below.

Yesterday evening we arrived at my sister Teresa's here in Conneticutt. She lives in an old revolutionary war town, Chaplin. Though it's a bit spooky around these parts the full moon has added to the flavor. Suppose I should not have gone and seen that "Haunting" movie last month. We're actually returning from Providence, Rhode Island where we just watched the new Star Trek flick. It was at an IMAX theatre-awesome! Had to laugh in the beginning when one of the head judges accused Captain Kirk of being a "Cheater"- just goes to show ya that everyone has their viewpoints in life. We all know who was in charge by the end of the movie- the one who was right.

Attending a barbeque tomorrow that my brother-in-law Greg is hosting for some folks from a theatre company which is producing the play 'Endurance'. If you don't know what it's about I suggest you google the name Sir Ernest Schackleton- one of the greatest polar explorers ever. Will be fun sharing dog stories as all of us dogmushers always enjoy doing. On to Nyack and the Henry Hudson schools on monday; may the trail ahead continue to bloom and grow. I'll leave you all with this question; Which is better? To be the wealthiest person on earth? Or the happiest? I know we've made our decision and everyone we meet seems to be leaving with smiles on their faces!
See ya soon, Hugh and Wild Bill


At 6:50 AM , Blogger Susan said...


Hugh - glad the tour is going well. We are looking forward to your visit here in the DC metro area.



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