Monday, June 15, 2009

Encounters With The "Grumpy Griz"

'Environments such as this can really affect a person' - Baldwin Brother
Hey everyone!
Quite the trip. Thanks to Yuka Honda for babysitting the pooches so Tamra and I could go for a walkabout. Spent friday in Dawson City visiting w/ Quest friends: J.D. Britten, Gerry and William and Shelley B.- fun times at the local watering hole. With these economic times tourism in the north has been hit hard. Dawson looked like a ghost town- which, hmmm?, it actually is- and that's why we luv it so.

It was our inaugural trip on the "Top of the World" hwy. Was wet and foggy though quite lovely. We brought Annie and Tamra's boyfriend Nathan along for company though I would'nt recommend driving a fully loaded dogtruck thru these parts- a bit bumpy around here. Chicken festival was awesome- good tunes, great company. Camped next to a massive dredge from the gold rush era- land ships as it were.

Been checking out different spots in Tok to set up another kennel at to train out of- found a few promising locations. My first Alaskan mushing 'boss' Bill Mitchell and his wife live in the area- was nice visiting their place for the evening. Drove back to the lake this afternoon- about an 8 hour cruise. Saw 6 bears including a mom w/ 2 tiny lil' cubs crossing the hwy. just outside of Haines Junction. There was a Moose slurping away in a pond as well next to a few white swans who were bedded down. Beautiful. Everyday up here feels like being inside of your own personal virtual video game. Today's edition was definately all about our furry massive northern pigs- it's our own fault ya know. After all we decided this morning to have breakfast at the "Grumpy Griz" cafe in Tok. Always more enjoyable to see one from the road than wandering around the neighborhood! Peace, HHN


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