Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cherishing this Moment of the Journey

"I used to think the day would never come, I see the light in the shade of the morning sun..." --'True Faith', New Order

Hey everyone,
Yesterday while on the phone Tamra's mum said I had better get back to the blog. Sorry for the delay, been stuck in Facebook world. Awesome autumn weather again this year. Summer you say? Not around here- mountain living sure does have its priveleges. Typically in the 60's w/ light breezes and occassional showers. The surrounding environment feels so healthy and alive. Mother Nature has even given us a suprise present the last few days- Snow. A few thousand feet above the lake the Grey mtns. are covered in it- a giant vanilla ice cream cone!

Love having visitors, not only a chance to show off our lil' piece of Heaven but an opportunity to run dawgs as well. We have a short five mile obstacle course w/ various streams for the pooches to pound thru as well as hills to lope over. Runs typically last a half hour or so. The longer the better- numerous stops to relax, cool down, etc. Yesterday we had a visitor from England joining us. Within minutes of leaving the starting chute we, as well as our 12 dog team were thrashing thru a violent rainstorm. Scary for some yet perfect summer conditons for running. Most of the pooches being run are yearlings or 2 yr. olds (mothers Annie and Omen)(Fathers Brady and Zorro) w/ plenty of drive; at present we're concentrating daily on creating positive habits- Pure Energy!

Have been invited to speak at a Mushing Symposium in Montana mid september. From there we're off to St. Louis, Chicago, Milwaukee, Denver, Texas and possibly New Orleans. If you know of anyone/schools out there that would enjoy seeing a Dogmushing show like no other, feel free to spread the news. We hope to put a link up on our website soon so you all can see a glimpse of our unique Laughing Eyes Kennel experience. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face as you wonder about life's possibilities- not just for these beautiful Dawgs but for YOU.

Tough times on tv lately. Great excuse to turn it off and get back to creating the 'Magic' from within. Peace, HHN tour ?'s: laughingeyeskennel@hotmail.com


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