Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dawgs just wanna play...

"Is it just me or a message from up above?" --?

I play everyday, learning how to dance this life away. My summer sport of choice is typically b- ball. Hoops to me is like yoga- stretch! Not too many humans around here so I usually end up going against Mr. Spencer. Spence only stands about 3 feet tall-but his spirit soars. He's one of our main swing dogs, who run just behind the leaders- all heart! Doesn't have much of an outside shot yet he can chase the ball down quicker than most. Amazing to watch his abilities on display though I'd prefer a bit less trash talking- Save the barking for the race boy.

Just finished watching the ESPY awards: Don't whine, Don't complain- No Excuses. Amazing story of a coach in south dakota who was hit head on by a truck last year. Not only lost a leg but found out he had cancer at the same time. And ya know what? He never even wasted a day- and has kept on coaching all the way. Not for love of victory or pursuit of wealth, For Love of the game. For living to his fullest capabilities. Not to score just to please himself but to help others win along the way as well. You dig?

Life here at the kennel is as lively as ever. How such a goof like me has been so blessed is a gift from above. We, at laughing eyes can assure you of this- each day is a treasure to be harvested. Up here on Annie lake our garden is not filled with just seeds and sprouts but endless balls of fur. The house is a rockin' - time to see who's out in our Magic garden, the dogyard- playing w/out me! Peace, HHN #23

SCHOOL TOUR: mid-september= Montana, Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Denver, Austin, Amarillo, Seattle and Spokane. Interested, please send us a line:


At 7:46 AM , Blogger Loon said...

Dude, we each make our own destiny, and your great attitude about life is exactly why you are leading the life you live. Thank you for the inspiration! Keep it up.


At 9:20 AM , Blogger kfoster89 said...

You and Tamra are very inspiring to me.
I followed the Iditarod last year for the first time. My daughter's 4th grade class were following and I found the insider site. I loved it right away. I just became hooked. There is something about this sport that's touched me like no other. I guess it's the whole concept of man and beast working together for a common goal. It's more, though, too.

I recently joined Facebook and it's been so great for this Texas girl to follow and learn so much about the mushers and dogs. That's how I found this blog. I'm enjoying reading about your travels very much. You both have the life, but what even better is that you realize it. :)

I see this blog entry was written in July 2009. You talk about plans to visit Austin in September. I live in Austin and I had no idea you were here! Grrr! I should have joined FB sooner. I would have loved to meet you both. If you're ever in town again, I would love if you would get in touch with me. My husband, Eric, and I have a couple of spare bedrooms if you wanted to crash here. :)

Right now it's Monday March 8th 2010 Eric's birthday and your on your first full day of the Iditarod! I'm cheering for you to win!

I still have much more of your blog to read, but I want to savor it and let your vibe sink in. Live everyday to it's fullest. I'm trying. Even more so lately.

I wish you both continued happiness and joy,

Karen Swan Foster
your Facebook friend


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