Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Circus comes to Fort Yukon

"If you want to view paradise- simply look around and view it. Want to CHANGE the world? There's nothing to it." -- W. Wonka
And how are we this fine looking spring day? Well, in our wildest dreams we could never have imagined the race being enjoyed so much by everyone. The enthusiasm of the local villagers in Circle, Birch Creek, Chalkyitsik and especially Fort Yukon was breathtaking. The trail was the best I've ever seen in nearly 10 years of racing. Dan Kaduce's winning squad was beautiful though most of the other mushers barely saw them, except leaving checkpoints. By the end I was calling him Lance- kidding! There's only one 'Magic Man'- for now.
I'll write a more detailed account of our travels once we return home, will be finalizing our school tour dates as well. Suffice it to say, the feeling of contentment of achieving this opportunity to create such an enjoyable event was truly heartwarming. So many happy faces- not just human but canine as well. What a trail-amazing. 80 miles in under 7 hours on the return trip to Circle. On the last run? After just running 300 miles- think about it? Travelling on the same trails as famed explorers Hudson Stuck and Olaus and Mardie Murie. Viewing the fox, caribou, moose and throngs of birds heading north on their annual spring migration just added to the festive air. Springtime really is our version of Mardi Gras- northern style.
Have lived in and travelled thru numerous villages over the last decade, it was wonderful to share this with friends like Dan, Jodi, Abbie and Brent. Thanks to all of them for being wise enough to come. They all hope to be back next year as well. We're also thinking of having a race in the Manley-Tanana-Rampart area as well. The more expeditions the merrier, we want to make sure that these events are purely for enjoyment and not just some 'race qualifier'. As far as I'm concerned if one is willing to travel off of the main road system into the real 'Alaskan Bush' they are probably more than qualified to enter any of the bigger events. Just because a race is a 'qualifier' does not mean that its good training for people or dogs. Some of us would rather visit our friends out in the villages who might just know a bit more about dogs considering how long these animals have been a part of their culture.
A special thanks to Janet Cadzow and her daughter Terry who were the main organizers. Cliff, Josh and Jay Cadzow were wonderful hosts as well. Numerous folks helped mark the trail though it would have been hard to get lost considering how nice it was. Doyon, the Athabascan Native Corp, matched our donation of $5,000 which was kind of them. Hopefully, Doyon continues to support its people and culture like this in years to come. Without the unique character of their culture, the spirit of Alaska would be rather bland. Thanks to Ivory Jack's and the Vallata restaurant too! Peace, Hugh p.s.: heading down the hwy.; will be sharing more stories from the Yukon Flats 300 soon.


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