Friday, April 17, 2009

Daring to Wander Over Untrodden Trail...

" Give it away, give it away, give it a way nowww..." -- Chili Peppers
Good Morning,
Yes it is, flurries in the air- can anything compare? Our buddy Sebastian e-mailed us the websight connection for the german tv show about this year's Quest race. Though not as well known about in the states, The YukonQuest is a rigorous 1,ooo mile jaunt the pooches and I participate in each February- just a few weeks before the Iditarod. Known for its cold temps., this race covers some beautiful terrain between Whitehorse and Fairbanks. For yours truly it tends to be a bit of a 'soap opera ' at times. If you'd like to check out the 2 hour program on the internet go to:
Our "WELCOME TO THE DOGHOUSE" tour is nearly finalized, waiting for confirmation from a few schools. We'll be giving over 25 presentations within a 3 week period- now that's what I call a race. I was thinking of creating a competition for the schools with each other. They could each come up with a "Checkpoint Name"- let the fun begin. A few days back I donated $5,000 to the Kruse family who have been running McCabe Creek, a Quest resting spot, for years now. Unfortunately the building that housed the mushers accidently burned down. They mentioned that there will be a 'barn raising' get together sometime in June. I also donated $5,000 to my native friends in Fort Yukon to help get there inaugural 300 mile spring race off on the right foot. (paw)
Now why would a goofball like me do something so silly? Believe me others questioned what I was doing, like Kathy Chapoton (Martin's wife has 2 kids in college) Blame it on Loyola Academy, the Jesuit highschool I attended whose slogan was "Men for Others". Thru all of my wanderings over the last decade I've realized that $ does not buy happiness, feeling 'content' is what really counts. Back when I was a kid caddying for some of the richest people in Chicago I saw many wealthy folks that never seemed to smile much- maybe it was their golf game? Life's been relatively good lately, why not "Spread the Wealth". This is not to say we're rich Republicans- in the past year we learned something very important- be wary of hiring male handlers who are in their 20's. Combined together ours destroyed a pick-up truck, Hans Gatt Sled, storage shed, etc. Nice kids but I guess there's a reason why insurance is so high for boys in their age bracket. Believe me- been there, done that. As dogmushers, with all the expenses our sport has, we'll always just be 'getting by' yet helping those in need in one's community is what life is all about. As the song says, " Don't forget-- We only get what we give..."
See all of you kids soon! Hugh


At 7:28 AM , Blogger Susan said...

Too bad I don't speak German! The video was fun to watch. Thanks for the link.

Looking forward to seeing you in May here in DC.



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