Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Time of Transformation

"Everybody has a neighbor, everybody has a friend. Everyone has a reason to live again." -Bruce
Hey y'all,
Warmth is in the air, the snow is melting, fur is shedding- guess it must be time to go visit the kids down south! School tour is slowly coming together- starts May 7th, to check out our areas of interest go to our website then on to the school section. Excited to get the "Train Rolling", our featured pooch is "Wild Bill"- a true superstar. He's just turning 3 and has already completed 3- 1,000 mile races as well as the Kusko 300 and Kobuk 440. Have been training him up by bringing him along on our daily errands. We had fun visiting friends in Skagway and Whitehorse recently though nothing compares to home of course!
Had a pleasant surprise in the mail yesterday. We received a book called, Journeys of the Pack, it's by Holly Hagstrom. She is from one of the schools that I spoke with. The story is based on a dog that we acquired from Lance a few year's back- Sampson. An older 75 pd. Dean Osmar pooch, this leader was the main reason we finished 3rd in the Quest in '05. Quite heartwarming to see his pic on the cover. Great motivation as well- if this 11 year old girl can write a book about 1 of our pooches why can't I write about all of them? (So lazy- I know, one of these days I promise.)
It's 'hockey time' in Canada now, driving to Annie lake from Skagway I noticed a vehicle parked on the road. With all of the melting snow lots of rocks come cascading down onto the pavement. Driving by I noticed a fella with a hockey stick in hand flicking the larger rocks off the road. Now there's a true trailbreaker- a sports afficianado to admire. Enjoy the view, Hugh


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