Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained...

"Where do we go? Nobody knows. I've got to say I'm on my way.. God gave me style and gave me grace. God put a smile upon my face..." - ColdPlay
Hey y'all,
Considering that in the last 2 races we went 'south' in the end- for some reason we feel quite happy and content. Unless one has the opportunity to play with dozens of amazing canine athletes on a daily basis it's hard to imagine how lucky a boy named Hugh is. While some try to compare me with other mushers, I've long known that I'm one of a kind. I'm not seeking to brag here, it's just that this world of mine has been rather bizarre over the last decade. Like I said to Lance a few days ago, "Sure feels good to be back in the dogyard, doesn't it?" "Sure does Hugh."

Leaving in the morning for Fairbanks. Easiest to contact me thru e-mail. So far there are 10 teams entered with a 12,000 dollar purse. The Cadzows have been amazing getting everything organized, everyone in Fort Yukon seems quite excited as well. Should be fun to see some new land, want to check out where ArchDeacon Hudson Stuck is buried as well. Pretty amazing what that fella did back in the early 20th century. Heading to Alaska's Interior, Hugh


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