Thursday, March 26, 2009

Like a Dawg without a Bone...

"I keep a close watch on this heart of mine..." -Johnny
Windy as ever around here. Hope all is well in your worlds. Will be at the lake til Sunday then back to Fairbanks and on to Fort Yukon April 1st for the race. All mushers are invited, if interested send me an e-mail for more info. Playing with pups around the homestead as well as loving up all of our older retired dogs have issues with us not bringing them to Nome this year. Our kennel is overflowing with amazing pooches right now. We're looking for qualified handlers next year to race either the Quest or Iditarod- if you know of anyone please feel free to pass on the news.
Speaking of media we were watching the Iditarod at our friend's place in Anchorage. Man, now I see why folks tend to think I'm a bit of a jerk. Hopefully Jeff King is wise enough to realize that what I said in Takotna was in jest and not a direct insult to him as a person. Lord knows there's alot about him that is praiseworthy. I just did'nt want to have to walk too far to feed the dogs and eat my food. Besides Sebastian was parked right next to me- always enjoy watching him, so much to learn, he's like a 'mad-doggie' scientist.
Of all the blunders I've had over the years not writing a book is my greatest sin. Hopefully we'll be able to rectify the situation soon after we have enjoyed such an interesting season. We do have a kids book available, it's called: Annie, My Life on the Trail so Far... The amazing thing is that she wrote it 2 years ago as a pup and now she's one of the top Doggie Divas on the Planet-that's my girl!
I will be writing a detailed account of our journey this past month that you all will be able to read for free on our website. Portions of it will be previewed on our blog as well. Considering there are numerous souls who travel our northern race trails I find no reason to be making $ off of others' predicaments. Why not just enjoy the overall spirit of life up here in the North? School Tour dates in May will not be finalized until I return from Fort Yukon next weekend. This year's theme is "Welcome to My House-The Doghouse". We will have dog pix available as well as posters, shirts, etc. There has been quite a high demand this year so if your school/community group would like to enjoy the show please let us know asap. We are more likely to visit areas where there are the most groups of interest. Looking forward to meeting many new friends in the weeks to come, Hugh


At 7:18 PM , Blogger yukonmusher said...

can an individual come? I would like to see someone do something for kids as I have an interest in doing school presinatations as well.

At 6:35 AM , Blogger silybear said...

Hi Hugh and Tamra,
I was asked to remind you that in addition to visiting Plank South again, our neighbor school, Plank North, would appreciate you talking to their students as well (separate presentations). They are right across the parking lot from us. We are looking forward to your visit!
Mrs. Harrison
3rd Grade teacher
Webster, NY

At 5:32 PM , Blogger JOLMACOL said...

Hey Hugh and Tamra,

My name is Joel Mercier from Ottawa ontario. I have commented on your blog on several occation and now i see you are looking for handlers. Well I have 10 years expirience mushing I even raced sprints back home. Now I'm on the move from Ottawa to Whitehorse. I left last tuesday and tonight I'm in Edmonton. I will be in Whitehorse on monday night. I'm looking for work and a place to stay. I'd be willing to talk about it. Send me a message at or call me at 819-962-1720. Hope to hear from you.

Joel Mercier


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