Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dealing with an Eruption of ENERGY

"Now I don't know but I've been told- you never slow down, you never grow old..." - Mr. Petty
Hey y'all,
A quick hello from Anchor town. Our flight from Nome was diverted to Fairbanks Sunday. We were lucky enough to borrow Lester Erhart's dogtruck and shared an enjoyable trip down here with Hans Gatt, his gal Susie and Mr. Gerry Willomitzer. A major part of the mushing world is dealing with obstacles while staying positive. Whether it's 60 mph winds or a massive volcanic eruption, Mother Nature always reminds us on a daily basis how fragile our precious lives truly are. Speaking of which the face is fine but much more importantly all of the dogs are well and ancy to return home.
After a few days rest we'll be heading to Fort Yukon to participate in our 300 mile fun run. Anyone interested in joining the festivities is more than welcome- feel free to contact us for more info. All participants will be receiving prize $ to help pay for travel expenses. It's about time we all pay tribute to what mushing competitions should be more focused on: the Dawgs, the land and having fun! For all of you teachers we will begin finalizing our May school tour dates once I get home in a few days. It takes a bit of time each year to figure out the best route. A reminder that we're more likely to visit your area if there is more than one school/group interested in our presentation. Maestro, an eight year old who has finished nine 1,ooo milers will be this year's featured pooch. What a beautiful beast he is- you'll see! Enjoy the view, Hugh
p.s.: I promise a more detailed account of this season's adventures once we have a bit of time to reflect over everything. www.laughingeyeskennel.com


At 9:46 AM , Blogger silybear said...

Hugh and team,
Congratulations on a successful 2009 Iditarod run. We tracked your progress throughout the race and eagerly looked for updates. The students who met you and Spencer last year were also thrilled to hear about your daily status. It sounds like the characteristic that we talk so much about in school...perseverance...played a big role in this year's race. We are looking forward to seeing you and Maestro when you visit our school in May.
Happy Trails!
Mrs. Harrison and her 3rd graders
Plank South Elementary
Webster, NY


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