Friday, March 06, 2009

"Are we humans?- or are we Dancers?"

" Fly like an Eagle to the sea, fly like an Eagle- let my spirit set me free..." -- Steve Miller Band
You all ready for this?
I know we are. We shall be leaving the starting chute # 55. The Quest is over- let's get past all of that nonsense and on to the real deal. Don't feel sorry for us, we're loving life right now. Dogs look wonderful- right now I'm more concerned with Tamra and my state of health. We've both been quite sick since the end of the Quest and are now taking antibotics as well as oil of oregeno to deal with our hacking coughs and stuffed up sinuses. (Any other remedies out there?)
Annie, Walter, Watson and the rest of the gang are revved up and ready to roll. Our Iditarod team this year basically consists of 3 families of pooches as well as Scotty a veteran pooch we bought off of Lance a few years back and 'famous Amos' - a Ken Anderson pooch. 8 of the dawgs just came off of the Quest, 5 were on Juho's 300 team. It's a youthful unit with lots of energy. Hopefully they'll adapt well to a trail that's sure to be quite punchy. The next week or so will be quite a slog probably. It's been snowing on and off here in Anchorage though the temps. were a bit cooler this morning. Just finished an interview with Annie from APRN, a local radio show, out in our host family's backyard with the pooches. Always enjoyable to promote our sport/lifestyle in a positive light. That's why the Quest saga was such a sad predicament- life goes on. Listen, Learn, Live... HHN


At 7:59 PM , Blogger Brent said...

Kick some ass man!!! Ill be watching from the Little Machine wondering what the F*** I am doing sitting in this chair while your out there just playing!! There's always next year! Have a blast and kick some ASS

Wild and Free

See ya in FORT YUKON


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