Friday, February 13, 2009

Keep Me Advised

"People say I'm crazy- but I'm not the only one..." -- John Lennon
Well, here we go again, numero 14. Been quite the wild ride since we started our 1st thousand mile race back in 2000. From 10 dogs leaving Fairbanks the journey has been unrelenting. So what's it like to be Hugh Neff? Let's just say there's been alot of smiles over the miles and alot of tears throughout the years. If people only knew how strange this life of mine truly is- I like to think that the Great Almighty gets a good chuckle watching our efforts, successes and failures. (as well as the rest of you)
This year there will be a film crew from Germany following us. They'll be having a 2 night show in April on Germany's version of BBC- an 85 million viewing audience. William Kleedehn and Kyla Boivin are the featured mushers as well. As many of you know just over a year ago my father passed away due to illness. Being of german descent I can only imagine what he would thought of all of this. Hopefully we can have a better performance than last season's charade. The pooches are happy and that's what matters the most. If I was a betting man I would'nt be wasting any hard earned $ on myself. We're just going to enjoy each night and day as they come. In the end it's really up to Walter and Watson- my 2-headed monsters up in lead, as well as their sister Annie. Ya know the last words my dad ever said to me were, "Keep me advised." Will do. Enjoy the show, HHN


At 11:32 AM , Blogger webmaster said...

More exiting it cannot get. Just about 1/2 hour till it finished. I`m following this on the other side of the world. However it goes, Good Luck and say hello also to Juho.



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