Friday, August 01, 2008

Stay Hungry, Stay Humble

Greetings fellow Dawg Lovers,
My apologies for our lack of communication this summer. We've had internet satellite recently installed so that we may now keep you more aware of our kennel's daily happenings. Been a relatively cool summer with temps. hovering in the 60's. Combined with a consistent breeze typically from the south and we have an ideal dog environment (no bugs). For the 1st time in the past five summers we made the decision not to perform tours on Alaska's coast. This will hopefully prove beneficial for the upcoming season. Only one litter of pups this year, 2 beautiful boys- Sampson and Spartacus. (Their mom is Delilah, father is Darkie)

We have plenty of yearlings to train up however- Flicka, Gypsy, Capone, Nemo, Griffin and Frazier are from Omen and Zorro. A few of these kids will do a bit of racing this year. The other litter we have high hopes for is out of Annie and Brady- George, Jericho, Amigo, Jester, Joker, Geronimo, Juanita and Juliette. We've been running our younger pooches with the 4-wheeler all summer though it's been a bit too rough on the lake to do as much swimming as we had hoped for.
Considering the fuel prices it's wonderful that we're able to work from the house now. This fall 2 people from europe are planning to join us for the upcoming season. Obviously last season was very disheartening. Not only with my father Phil's passing a week before the YukonQuest began but our lack of organization. It wasn't until mid-January that we found a handler- this year we plan on putting together a bigger and better team effort. Folks are always amazed when they hear we have over 50 dogs in our Laughing Eyes Family- how do you remember all of their names? It's easy, spend as much time as possible with them. Create the 'pack mentality' that the dog whisperer fella is always harping about on tv. Most importantly as pups create a bond to last a lifetime thru love and understanding. Out of all our dogs any problem pooches are typically ones that we have acquired from others who didn't establish a good relationship with the animal. Every night we'll have half a dozen dogs in the house in hopes of creating good social skills. Most of our dogs are neutered or spayed so that we are able to free run them often without worry of accidental breeding. (it also helps to fight against cancer as well) A dozen of our pooches are 10 years of age or older. Being able to spend more time with them during this slower time of the year has been a blessing.
Considering I've been promising to write a novel for years now- isn't it about time? Well, lo and behold, folks will be able to acquire a copy of "Misadventures of a Maverick Musher" this fall. Unlike others who often give advice on how to become the next champion musher, this book will deal more with 'racing for life'; appreciating not only our beloved pooches but the beauty of nature as well as appreciating our fellow man. After all, this simple ciyyboy from Chicago didn't migrate to Alaska in search of winning some lil' 1,000 mile race. We are in search of what it means to be a true 'son of the north' where life is about the journey and not just where you finish. During our school presentations this is a point that I often make to the children: " If you only care about winning- you know where you'll end up? All alone." Sometimes it may be difficult to share the beauty of each and every day with one another. If a conscious effort is made however it's easy- it all begins with a smile. Wishing YOU well on your journeys as well, Hugh,Tamra and the Laughing Eyes Kennel Crew p.s.: Just a reminder that we'll be in Chicago briefly in late october if your school would be interested in a presentation.


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