Friday, April 25, 2008

Somewhere out on that Horizon

Hey y'all,
Tis the time of season when life seems to really sloowwww down in the North. The days are gradually getting longer and warmer yet there's still plenty of snow to create quite a 'mushy' situation. Been training yearlings on a six mile loop that runs around the edge of the lake here. So much fun to watch the lil' poopers learn. All of that energy- hopefully it's heading in the right direction! We always make sure to run early in the day when temps. are typically at their lowest. So far Flicka, Nemo, Gypsy, and Capone all look great, it's all about experience. Their mom is Omen, one of our main female leaders. She's a bit quirky in the head but possessed by speed- finished 4 years in a row coming into Nome. My body is slowly healing up after all of the wear and tear we went thru this season- over 3,200 miles of racing alone. Left foot as well as right thumb still a bit numb, though it is awe-inspiring to not only watch one's body but one's spirit revive itself on a daily basis. Happy dogs create happy humans! What really motivates the Laughing Eyes Kennel cause is the chance to share our unique story, our lifestyle, and amazing tales with others. Life is a treasure. Hopefully by watching our misadventures up here in the North, folks from around the globe learn to chase their dreams as well. And, in the end, what matters most- the size of the $ you might earn or the size of the SMILE upon your dog's (or child's) face? Next week I shall be in Chicago with my buddy Spencer as we embark on our "Never Lose Hope" school tour. Spencer, a 3 year old male, competed in the Cantwell Classic, YukonQuest, Iditarod, All-Alaska Sweepstakes and Kobuk 440. Nearly 3,000 miles of racing- not bad for his 1st 'Pro' season, eh? The beautiful vistas, freedom of life and loving folks we meet along the trail are a few of the reasons why we admire our unique northern lifestyle so immensely. It's an honor to be able to share our experiences with newfound friends met along the way. Hope to be seeing you soon! (After a week in Chi-town we'll be heading up and down the Northeast Coast the 2nd week of May.) If we're not able to see you on this visit our next tour will be in mid-October.

Enjoy the view, Hugh and The Laughing Eyes Kennel Crew

Our featured Iditarod dog 'Spencer'


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