Friday, May 02, 2008

LIfe comes full circle

Greetings from Chi-town!
Left Annie Lake a few days ago in a snowstorm, arrived in chi-town to 75 degree weather. Been travelling around with Spencer showing him all of my favorite childhood places to play. Took him to clark st. beach in Evanston where I swam in lake michigan as a child. He liked chasing the birds- wasn't too into the water however. Walked past the spot where many moons ago (13 years) I wrote a letter to 5 time Iditarod champ Rick Swenson asking about work opportunites. Rick was the only musher to ever return a note- and it was some of the best advice I ever received. Amazing to think that I've raced in 5 Iditarods with this great man already, was lucky enough to finish ahead of him a time or two. Went by our old house on Colfax st. where I grew up, if you like movies- we lived in the same neighborhood where pix such as 16 Candles, Uncle Buck and Risky Business were filmed. How ironic that my old newspaper route was called 22 north. In our 1st Iditarod we placed 22nd! Went by Westmoreland Country Club- I was a caddy there for a dozen years, being lucky enough to carry actor Bill Murray's clubs a time or two. And now where do we live? Out west where there's 'more land'.

Now some might think that any successes that we've achieved in dogmushing are a result of the work we perform each day. That's only a part of the equation. I truly believe that much of who you are, your personality, is a result of how you were brought up and taught as a child. That's why it's such a great honor to travel around the country each season helping teachers 'groom' their kids for the future. We all deserve a chance to live our DREAMS. Wouldn't you agree? Hoping to visit your school one day.
Hugh and The Laughing Eyes Kennel Crew

p.s. hello to everyone at the talk yesterday in Chicago, Spencer says thanks for all the "loving" as well!


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