Sunday, May 11, 2008

If you can make it THERE, you can make in ANYWHERE

Greetings DOG enthusiasts!Our "Never Lose Hope" tour passed thru the "Big Apple", Manhattan, friday. Mother Nature made sure it was quite an adventure. Our talk with the kids went well, then Spence and I met up with my old buddy from Loyola, Jim Ostry, for lunch. That's when the rain really started falling like 'cats and dogs' from the sky. On the return north to my sister Teresa's in Conn. I was in for quite the culture shock. Huge drops of water pounded onto the windshield as we were forced to travel in the center lanes on FDR drive, the side being under water. It was at this point that I started having flashbacks about the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow". It's not 'Global Warming'- it's Global WETTING. I was just happy that the temps. were in the 60's so we didn't need to worry as much about tornadoes- our last school tour we passed by one just south of Chicago. People always wonder how we survive Alaska's rough weather but to be quite honest, I believe the 'lower 48's' is much more dangerous. Driving north on 95 dozens of vehicles were involved in accidents as we went along- it felt like being in Baghdad. What caught me off guard was how nonchalant the radio announcers were giving traffic reports as if this were an everyday occurrence. Our return trip would take nearly two hours longer than the trip into the city,crazy.

Despite the weather, our stay on the east coast this week has been wonderful, hopefully one of these year's we'll be able to perform in Maine and the other northeastern states- it's the only area of the U.S. that I haven't driven thru. Every school has been interesting and unique- the 'energy' these New Yorkers possess is mystifying- they're all a bunch of Lance Mackey's. (they wish) Have one more talk on Monday in Rochester and then it's back to the Hacienda on Annie Lake. Once I return home Tamra will be getting a well deserved break as she heads off to merry old England for a family reunion with her P's. She's been a saint caring for all the lil' poopers while I've been travelling with Spencer. He's doing okay on this trip but I'm sure he can't wait to get back to the kennel and see all of his buddies. (Lord knows what he's been dreaming about lately.) At heart I'm an explorer, it's been intriguing to once again get a feel for the pulse of America by travelling its highways and byways meeting newfound friends along the way. Much of the world really doesn't care too much for the U.S. government but all of the americans I've met have been decent, kind, and generous souls. Wishing you well on your adventures. Make sure to stop by if you're ever in our neck of the woods, there's a cozy cabin and some cuddly canines waiting for ya to play with!
Enjoy the view, Hugh


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