Sunday, May 11, 2008

Racing for Life

Howdy everyone, happy Mother's day! Just returned from a nice morning walk with Spencer. The countryside here in western Conneticut is spellbinding. Spence is really enjoying all of the various scents in the air. My sister and her husband Greg live in an old village right out of a Steven King Novel- even have an early 19th century cathedral just across the street. It's bell recently chimed signalling services were underway. For me "church" has always commenced whenever I set foot in the woods. Everyone always asks, " Who was the person who you wanted to be like when you decided to become a dogmusher? Rick Swenson? Jeff King? No, my hero has never "Won" any lil' Iditarod race. My hero was a fella who covered a thousand miles not by dogteam but by his own two feet. His name was John Muir. Johnny would throw a few pieces of bread in a small sack and travel for weeks all across North America living off the land. It's funny watching these fellas on tv trying to be tough guys in front of a camera- walking thru swamps, eating bugs- whatever. There's a difference between being an actor and being the 'real deal'. The best part about Mr. Muir however was his incredible gift for writing- any wise teacher would make his literature required reading in their classrooms- its eloquence in describing the beauty of Mother Nature is quite enjoyable to peruse. His novels are what brought me north however his habits have nearly destroyed my career at times. John was very spontaneous- out the door and away he went, Madison, Wisconsin to Florida, all over California and beyond. His boots were definately made for walking. With a dogteam to care for I've learned, ever so slowly, over the years to slow down a bit, be prepared and... enjoy the ride. At Laughing Eyes Kennel our "Goal" isn't just about doing well in the Big Race, The Iditarod. It's about winning "THE RACE'- LIFE. What a beautiful planet we live on, so much to see and explore. We've all been given this great treasure- now it's up to you to spread your gifts to others around the globe. It's a beautiful day, isn't it?
Love you mom, Hugh and the Crew


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