Thursday, December 25, 2008

Spreading the 'Wealth'

"The Road ahead will be long..." -Obama
Howdy y'all,
What can I say- It's the Holidays. Heading to Gin-Gin 200 in th morning-should be fun. Will let you know how the adventure and trails are in a day or 2. Peace, Hugh


At 12:50 AM , Blogger Mike said...

What a great blog!

We had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with Hugh in Nenana, Alaska while on vacation in 1999 and have continued to keep up with the latest news about him, the Iditarod, and other races Hugh has entered. "Congratulations on your accomplishments!"
Here is wishing you and Tamara the best of the best in the coming New Year 2009.

Mike & Judy
Gresham, Oregon

We'll be watching and continuing to root for you all the way.


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