Monday, October 20, 2008

A Bridge to the Future...

Hey everyone,

Hope all is well in your worlds. Lake froze up last week though not much snow as of yet. I'll be heading to chicago tomorrow for my buddy steve's wedding this weekend. Will be going to a few school's as well. This year's theme is "A Bridge to the Future." One of the funnest parts of being a musher is seeing the dogs form into a 'team' each season. Presently we're running 3 12-dogteams each day, I have a feeling my body will enjoy a week's restbit, though the pooches will only have a few days off. By the time racing begins they'll have thousands of training miles under their belts.

Our handler Juho and myself have been running on two trails- the obstacle course, a twisty thirty mile run over to the local golf course and back or the wheaton river road. The wheaton runs alongside the river with the aptly named "Majestic mountains" towering above. Both areas are generally shaded from the sun which is nice if the weather gets a lil' warm. We recently acquired a 4-wheeler to play with the pooches in the woods. People would be amazed to know that it's the 1st one I've ever owned whose engine actually worked. The dawgs have always had enough power for me. Having an engine does have its advantages however.

Our featured pooches this week are lil' Miss Colby and Delilah. Colby's amazing: 5 years old with 4 thousand milers already-guess what? She only weighs 35 pds. Colbster is all about attitude. Today after we finished our 1st run, we began to hook up the 2nd team. Having run in the 1st team Colby was out in the yard playing with the pups. As we began to put the 2nd squad in harness she immediately ran up to the front of the squad- ready to go again! We had just arrived barely a half hour earlier. Colby was named after Jeff King's Iditarider from 1996-C.J.Colby, a very special boy. I truly believe that part of his spirit is now within this amazing lil' leader's persona.

Delilah is another tough lady. It shows in her two lil' boys-Sparta and Sampson. Never seen two pups that are so playful with each other, makes me wonder if they ever find time to sleep. Their mom is the only girl in her litter with five brothers. They are all future stars, not because of their talent but how they perform together as a team. What joy we have each day to watch these blessed creatures perform at such an exceptional level- it's like watching a flower grow, then lick your face! Enjoy the view, Hugh


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