Saturday, December 13, 2008

King Solomon's "Gold"

"I don't know if you'll ever be much of a racer but I sure do enjoy reading your prose."- Mushing Champion Gareth Wright
Hey Everyone,
With temps. hovering above freezing around here lately I decided to load up the truck and head north to visit my friend J.D. Britten who is staying near Dawson City this winter. Dawson rests alongside the banks of the Yukon and Klondike rivers. This town has been immortalized in the writings of London, Robert Service and so many others. Though many folks came here during the gold rush over 100 years ago in search of riches few remain during the winters today. Why stay during the bitter cold months where 40 below can be an 'average' temperature? Well, for some of us Clark Gable sums it up best in "Gone With The Wind"- ' It's about Terra- THE LAND'.
The highway that thousands of tourists use in the summertime to visit this hallowed area is known as "Top of The World". Some may believe it is called this due to its proximity to the far north. For me personally, whenever the dogs and I are flying up the 4 thousand foot dome's hillsides, constantly viewing incredible beauty for endless miles in every direction it's as if we are literally hovering above the earth. King Solomon's dome is easily one of the most picturesque spots on the 1,000 mile Yukon Quest trail. This year the snowfall has already nearly reached the same amount Dawson had for all of last year. In the far north the sun barely shows her face in the winter months thus travelling high up above is a chance to catch some extra rays as well.
J.D., Mari and their 2 year old son Odyland were wonderful hosts. They are of french ancestry and have a wonderful relationship with their dogs. J.D. has been mushing for over 20 years and did wonderful in his 1st Quest finishing 9th. Odyland is a wonderul alarm clock as well, regularly waking us at 6 each morning, "Momma!". Dawson's a historical city with numerous structures dating back to the gold rush era. One favorite is the "PIT", a tavern at the bottom of the Westminister Hotel. Now some may believe in haunted houses, for me the whole entire area surrounding Dawson is possessed by the spirit of adventure. It's an exquisite area that I hope to explore more of in years to come.
The Quest has one of its largest fields ever this year. Our friend from Fort Yukon, Josh Cadzow, recently signed up. As a native 'wannabee' it's wonderful to see an athabascan musher back in the field. Hopefully, in years to come we will be able to help others achieve their dreams whether it be a 1,ooo mile race or just a walk around the block. It can be quite distressing to view all that is happening around the world these days. Life is a challenge- believe me, I've learned what the word 'suffer ' means over the years. Sure, the temps. might continue to become more bitter yet it is the glow in one's heart that allows each one of us to carry on with a smile on our face.
Enjoy the view, Hugh


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