Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Cherished Moment in Time...

" A fella can learn alot from talking with a Dawg." - Rocky Balboa

Was quite the week to remember. Felt as if I was in a time machine. Growing up in Evanston,Il. I had my own pack to hang with. Our buddy Steve's marriage was an amazing reunion of souls. We were all boy scouts in troop 31 at St. A's. Scouts is what shaped many of our interests, primarily when they involved playing in the woods. It was pure joy to see Mike, Tim, Tarj and Stever after over a decade`s time. A person actually asked me when I was moving back home. (And then there were the Palin questions.) The wedding was outside of Milwaukee, Wis.. Amazing how much cheeseheads remind me of alaskans- one tough crowd.
Wisconsin is the boyhood home of one of my greatest heroes- John Muir. A man known for his incredible love of nature as well as possesing a relentless energy to enjoy life to the fullest. He probably would have been an amazing musher if he had ever travelled further north in Alaska. Spoke at some schools in the chicagoland area as well. Sharing our adventurous lifestyle with others is a true blessing. I'm a firm believer that dogs bring out the best in all of us- if we're willing to watch, learn and listen to them instead of just ordering them around. Most humans have lil' idea how naturally brilliant these beasts of the north are.
Always an interesting time in the city, I'm amazed how civilized society actually is considering these tumultuous times. The final spot I went to see is where my father is now buried. For those of you who were unaware he passed away last feb. a week before the Quest began. Now Phil rests with Jenny,my mom. Hopefully their spirits will be keeping an eye out for us this winter. My welcome home back to the north was otherwordly. The night flight from Vancouver to Whitehorse was breathtaking as we were literally flying next to the northern lights as their greenish hues flowed to and fro. As the plane descended into town white flurries enveloped our path. Life is wonderful when we decide to open our eyes and appreciate it every once in a while.
Been back a few days now, still not enough snow for a sled but the trails are in alot better shape now that we have a decent amount of the white stuff to run on. Having a handler this year has been great. Our friend from Finland, Juho, is an experienced outdoorsman who loves adventure. Sounds like a true 'son of the north' to me. Having a working 4-wheeler, Schnuelle mobile and Skandic snowmachine has ensured we have enough decent dog training devices to play in the woods with. I`m still a bit low on sleep, will send another story soon, next time it will be all about them Dawgs. For without their spirits we'd all be lost! Peace, HHN


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