Friday, July 27, 2007

There's just something out there I can't resist...

Hola mi amigos!

Been awhile, my apologies for being such a procrastinator. What a stange life we've created eh? As time shifts forward each season brings new blessings. We all have dreams but to actually be living within one is rather frightening at times. It's nice to know that I'm one of thousands who have 'struck it rich' since migrating to the North. Financially speaking life's as difficult as ever caring for dozens of pooches on a daily basis yet the rewards are more than worth the everyday hassles. While some hope to be a 'champion musher' at Laughing Eyes Kennel the greatest award imaginable is the honor of having our DAWGS recognized for their Beauty; the unique brilliance of the Alaskan Husky's inner spirit is truly awe-inspiring.
This past week my main man Marcellus and his girlfiend June-Mari were featured with the rest of the team on Jeff Corwin's Travel Channel segment. We've been receiving numerous e-mails from around the globe saying, "Hey, we know that guy!" I just wish I knew that guy- have not even seen the clip yet. I sure do know those dawgs however- it's their world after all that fills our hearts with joy, our imaginations with curiosity and our days with laughter. Having the opportunity to share our furry treasures with the rest of you is almost as much fun as playing with them up in the mountains during the wintertime. ALMOST!
Have met people in recent weeks from Mexico City to Tazmania, from England to my hometown Evanston. Providing a harrowing adventure on a daily basis to cheechacko tourists looking for the feel of flying behind a bunch of pumped up pooches has been interesting. That's why I love to travel and explore so much-- I still have lots to LEARN- not only about life but myself. Speaking of learning, a quick reminder our fall tour, set for the last 2 weeks in October is starting to fill up- if interested please contact us: It's quite a treat to not only show others the beauty of our northern beasts spirit but the appreciation we all should have for life itself.
Enjoy the view, Hugh and the Laughing Eyes Kennel Crew