Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Home owners!

Well it's certainly looking like fall here. Cool nights, less daylight, fall colours. Alot has happened in the last few weeks. Most importantly we got possession of our house last friday. We are now the proud owners of our place at Annie Lake. By buying the place we were renting we also now have the use of two other cabins. One is a hundred year old log cabin - originally the stable of a roadhouse used by miners. The other is a rasberry stained one room cabin further down the lake that we'll either rent out or use for overnight guests when we start doing tours. The log cabin will be occupied by our handler Dean. Dean has been working with Hugh this past summer in Skagway. It'll be great to have someone to help Hugh train the dogs and assist with race preparations. Dean and Hugh are both signed up to run the Yukon Quest. Having two teams in one race will be a challenge so we'll be needing more help at race time. Hugh will also be signing up for the Iditarod soon. We've now brought the main team of race dogs back home from Skagway to give them a rest before training starts. We take them on short 5 mile runs on the weekends to keep them in shape though. We're currently planning a fall school tour for Hugh in October. If you know of any schools that might be interested please e-mail us (laughingeyeskennel@hotmail.com) It's busy times here. We're trying to cram more and more into the days before winter - we're going to need headlamps again soon I think.