Thursday, May 05, 2005

These are my snuggle bums - Annie and Sophie. Watching them play and eventually pass out from exhaustion is priceless. Posted by Hello

Winter training from our home at Annie Lake Posted by Hello

Spring at Annie Lake

Getting ready to move the dogs again. It seems like they've only just got used to being home again and now we're going to throw a wrench into their lives. We're taking 40 dogs to Dyea, near Skagway to work with Hugh for Alaska Excursions. At least I get to keep 15 at home - the younger dogs and a couple older dogs or ones we don't want to work too hard this summer. As usual we are only given a few days notice of when the big move happens so we are scrambling trying to get a million things done in time. Things like business cards, t-shirts, letters to the kids, worming, shots, cleaning the yard and tent repairs are all happening at once. Oh did I mention I'm also working full time in Whitehorse and Hugh is trying to get a big chunk of his book done too. Hugh's not looking forward to leaving our little paradise at Annie Lake. The only consolation is that he'll have somewhere to escape to on his days off. My thoughts are that while I'd like Hugh to be home every weekend, I'd like to visit Dyea too to be able to see all our dogs that are there. I'm going to miss my babies but at least I'll have a few cool dogs to hang out with this summer still. I'm getting behind on getting seeds ready for the garden. I'll need to clear out all Hugh's mushing gear from some of the greenhouses before I can start though.

So the snow's pretty much gone now. Still ice on the lake. Hugh still goes out a few feet to get water from a hole but I don't venture out anymore. Will be nice when we can take a canoe out or go swimming with the dogs this summer. Well change is upon us and adapt is what we do. In time I'm sure everything will work out. Life is never boring that's for sure.