Sunday, October 08, 2006

Marcellus goes to Manhattan

Greetings Family, Friends and fellow dogmushing enthusiasts!

Well... here we GO!! Heading to Chicago in the morning as we embark on this year's 'Tails From The North Tour'. From Chi-town we have scheduled presentations in Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey and the "Big Apple". Told my retired leader Marcellus that we were going to Manhattan, all he wanted to know was how big the 'T-bones' were there. Besides running dawgs there is nothing we enjoy more than making people smile, showing others the unique treaures of "Northern Living". We'll also be showcasing our 1st novel, it's an autibiography written by a little furry friend of ours. Her name is Annie, the book: Annie, My Life on the Trail So Far... it's an inspiring tale describing all that it takes for someone to realize their dreams. Hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we have putting it together. Annie's the daughter of our main Iditarod leader Colby. Looking forward to seeing old friends as well as meeting others in the days to come. Within the next 10 days we'll be performing for over a dozen schools -- it's an honor -- hope you ENJOY the show!

Enjoy the view, Hugh and Marcellus