Friday, January 16, 2009

Let's Get It On...

Hey Everyone,
Just a brief update. Starting time was switched until tomorrow so K300 trail can be rerouted as well as food drops sent out. I decided to pick a different starting position this year. The last 2 years I've picked the # 13 in honor of my 'soul' brother Mr. Lance Mackey. This morning Tamra asked me to pick # 14 instead. Unfortunately our good friend Sebastian was not able to fly in from Anchorage to participate thus I am once again numero trece. Who knows if we'll actually be able to leave tomorrow, another large band of clouds is moving into the area as these words are being typed. The streets are covered in ice- barely even able to walk. Most of us our putting screws on our boots for better footing. Bought a rain jacket, gloves, etc. for the upcoming wetness as well. The race has been shortened 40 miles due to the inclimate weather conditions though I remember vividly how long this trail feels from last season's expedition. Oh well, endeavor to persevere... HHN


At 11:57 AM , Blogger BJ said...

Hi Hugh:

Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know I enjoy your blogs. Sadly, I live in the lower 48 though my heart is still in Alaska in so many ways. I lived in the Anchorage area many years ago. We have been having very cold weather down here for us and I have commented lately to a number of friends that those in Alaska would be laughing at us right now with the way the news media down here goes on and on about the cold temps. Our temps are nothing compared to your -30 in recent times. Though I know it has warmed a lot up there and you've had freezing rain.
Today we're having a balmy 20 for a high with more snow predicted...seems like a good day for a pot of beans to simmer until later on. Good luck with your racing season and I'll check in to see how it's going for you.

Stay Warm,

At 5:18 PM , Blogger Aileen said...

Hi Hugh! So glad to hear that the temps are going down and the race is on for tomorrow. It's also much fun to think of your team on the couches in Pat's house. I remember that scene from 2007! I think I probably even have some pictures of it. It was too priceless not to record. Stay dry and warm! And please relay my best to Pat and Tamra, who I sadly don't get to meet!


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