Monday, June 11, 2007

The Beauty of Aging Gracefully

Greetings to All!
Though I'm not the greatest fan of the summer season I must admit that it's rather enjoyable being paid well to live in the 'Dogyard' here on Douglas Island with the pooches. Not only does it afford the opportunity to spend quality time on a daily basis with our up and coming yearling pups but our elder furballs of faith as well. All of the dawgs are puppies to me yet those that have been around the block a bit longer seem to express a wisdom not only in their personalities but sense of movement.
I've never felt prouder than when watching Junie, Marcellus, Malaki, Makaj, Uncus, Gael and Gracie as they prance around the trail teaching all that they've learned over the trail of time. The youngest of these lil' poopers is a mere 10 years of age. What I've taught them pales in comparison to all the knowledge they've shared with this eternal cheechacko from Chicago.
Competing from December thru April every year unfortunately limits the time I can spend with my soul mates during the winter. Thankfully summer tourism has enabled us to spend the rest of the year within paws reach of one another. The opportunity to share these exquisite treasures with folks from around the globe has truly been an honor.
People are continually amazed at not only their speed, beauty and toughness but their... AGE. Guess what folks-- it's all about good eating, good exercise and... plenty of LOVE. Whenever feeling a bit down I just gather a pack of pooches and head for a walkabout; whether climbing along the banks of a local stream or playing alongside the ocean's bay there's nothing that seems to enhance one's soul as well as invigorate the imagination on a daily basis. "C'mon Annie, let's go Deyaah, hey Junie-june-june... Where to next?"

Enjoy the view, Hugh and the Laughing Eyes Kennel Crew


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