Thursday, April 05, 2007

Kobuk 440

Greetings from Kotzebue! Located a few hours north of Nome up above the Arctic circle on northwestern Alaska's coast this beautiful Eskimo city is the sight of our latest adventure-- the Kobuk 440 ( As usual some of the finest mushers in the world will be competing- my buddy Lance Mackey, Paul Gebhardt, Martin Buser, Ed Iten, and Ken Anderson to name a few. With Annie, Omen and Flame leading our squad we're hoping to have a good, clean run to finish out this magical winter. It's been an inspiring education to have front row seats watching Lance's amazing feats this year - a true inspiration for the future.

My apologies in being delinquent with stories from the trail but we've been trying to stay a bit more focused this season and it has definately been paying off with a top ten finish in the Quest followed by a top 20 Iditarod finish. The Quest was an eye opener, the Iditarod was quite the physical challenge yet the Kobuk and other village races that are off the 'road system' is where one finds the true beauty of the dogmushing world. The positive spirit and huge smiles of the native peoples are amazing- truly genuine and unique folks.

Race runs: Kotzebue - Noorvik - Kiana - Ambler - Shugnak - Ambler - Selawik - Noorvik - Kotzebue (click on map for larger view)

Once we're back at Annie lake next week I hope to begin writing IDITAQUEST, our 2nd dogmushing novel. ANNIE, My Life on the Trail So Far... is a children's book we put together with Derek Crowe last summer, an outstanding professional photographer from Carcross - it's geared towards school children. Any teachers or students interested in a copy are more than welcome to contact us through our website. The book's star, Annie, was our team's main leader for over 800 miles in this year's race -- as a 2 year old! Amazing girl, I have a feeling she'll be a pooch who will leave her mark in racing history within the next few year's time.
We'll be heading to Juneau the 1st week of May for tourist rides with Alaska Excursions, if you're planing a cruise in Alaska this summer be sure to look us up when you pass through town. Once again thanks to family, friends and the thousands of supporters we have around the globe - this lil' Chicago boy's VISION is definately coming to fruition. I would NEVER have believed back in 2000 that over the next seven years we would be competing in 11 One-Thousand mile races; it just goes to show you much like the song says: "There's magic in your eyes". All You have to do is believe in yourself and soon the 'fantasy' shall become reality.

Enjoy the view, Hugh, Tamra and the Laughing Eyes Kennel Crew


At 7:31 AM , Blogger Dianne said...

Hugh--I just loved it when you said "This is my DESTINY". It was so perfect. It said that everything is right--I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I was meant to do. I am following my bliss. How wonderful to know that about yourself. You had a great year. Then I noticed watching the IDIT show on Versus that they used that for Lance. Destiny, destiny.. As a writer you must feel some pride in ownership. Maybe next year the media will be saying it about you.


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