Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Running with the Dogs

So this past weekend it was cool enough with a good wind that we could take the dogs for a run. First we loaded the bikes in the back of the truck and then grabbed about five dogs and drove down to the end of Annie Lake Road and continued a couple miles down the Wheaton River Road. This road isn't maintained but it is currently being used by some mine vehicles lately. It's a good place to go because there's usually not many vehicles. We had brought Deyaah of coarse as well as Oscar, Titan, Storm and Nathan. This is a pic of Oscar and Deyaah who got to ride in the back on the way there.

The run worked out great and even Storm who we hadn't had off-leash before stayed right with us on the bikes. Nathan (the youngest) had a crisis moment when he wasn't watching and Storm ran him over causing a bit of a tussle. He lost his confidence and ran back to the creek we'd stopped at. I went back for him, cooled him off in the creek and then he was ready to go again with the big boys. We were gone for about an hour and the dogs (and us) got in a good workout. (I forgot the camera in the truck during the bike ride so no pics unfortunately) The road is great because it follows the Wheaton River so when the dogs get thirsty they can dart off the road for a drink of water.

Later that day we took a team out with the 4-wheeler. Dixie and Trixie were in lead and behind them were 10 yearlings and 2-year olds. They all did great - even little Simba on her third run ever. This is the team at the half way point where they can stop for a drink.

This team is mostly related. Besides the leaders and Eva, they all have the same father or grandfather - McArthur. Basically it was Holly's litter from last year, and Sally's litter from two years ago. This is a pic from the 3/4 way mark where they can stop and jump into Annie Lake.

All in all a great day. So here's a couple photos of Darkie and Friday (Sophie and Nathan in the background). This same situation happens every day and for hours at a time. Maybe someone out there can tell me why. For some reason Darkie loves to stand over his son, Friday (I think you can see the resemblance). Maybe it's for protection? Who knows but I think it's funny and Friday doesn't seem to mind.

All for now. --- Tamra


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