Monday, May 29, 2006

With spring comes many new inhabitants

It seems like spring is here. The first sign is the ice going out on the lake. It happened all within a day. Saturday morning (May 27) the lake still had a sheet of ice, and by the afternoon it was all gone. Shyela was the last one to venture out on the ice. She went for a spin on Thursday night. The whole dog yard was barking at her to come back and not be so silly. She came back after a little while and only got a bit wet near the shoreline. We went out on our first canoe ride on Sunday. It was a bit cold and windy but we had a good time. First we went to check out the beaver house across from us. No beavers in sight but we found one when we turned a corner into a little cove. The beaver put on a show for us and we silently followed him around. Deyaah was in the boat with us and was quivering in anticipation for us to let her swim after him. After he'd had enough and gave us the slip we went back across the lake and headed back into the wind. We saw a few families of geese, and there's some loons at the far end of the lake. As we paddled we could see two sets of Dall sheep on the mountains - 16 in all. When we got back we had a look though the binoculars and could see them playing and exploring, heading up to new heights. What an amazing place we live!

In other news, Omen is due to have puppies soon. Maestro is the dad. We're excited for her and hope they all turn out good. The only worry is her due date: June 6, 06. :) She's been overly affectionate for the last six weeks. She gets to come inside whenever she wants, and sleep on the couch every night. Every morning she jumps up on the bed and stretches out between us and gives us both kisses. A nice wake up call!

We're also busy cleaning up after the winter. Lots of things always appear after the snow melts. We're putting in a fence around the dogyard, to keep out unwanted visitors and to not worry when we let dogs loose that they don't run onto the road. We're also turning our greenhouse into a dog barn and building a pen that is connected so our retired dogs can hang out together during the day in the yard, and then curl up together at night. Right now it's still a greenhouse and I just planted some tomatoes and cucumber plants. All for now.



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