Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Omen's pups

So Omen had her litter and no it wasn't on the 6th thank goodness. Hugh and I had run into town on Sunday and came back a couple hours later to find that Omen had started to deliver puppies. She's had three by that time, so it was a bit of a scramble to convince her to move into the pen that we'd set up for her. She settled down again after she'd made sure we hadn't forgetten any of her pups on or in the couch. The pen was set up behind the couch so we could keep an eye on her in case she had any problems. Huskies are known for being good at deliveries in general though. After a couple hour hiatus probably from being moved, she continued to deliver three more pups all the while tending to the ones she'd already had - cleaning them off, and feeding them. By six o'clock she was finished and had had six pups - five boys and one girl. There's two pure white ones, one blonde, one light grey and two dark grey. It's been a bit chilly here the last few days so we've kept her and her pups inside, in the pen for longer than normal. Today though we moved the family outside to her secluded house where Omen can tend to them but also get up and move about if she wants to. She's very protective - never leaving them alone. If I try to pick one up she stands up right away and demands the pup back. I'll post some more photos as the pups get a bit bigger and open their eyes. We'll wait a bit to give names (so we can match them with their personalities a bit) but we've decided on a Deadwood theme. The boys names are: Bullock, Tolliver, WildBill, Ellsworth and Calamity. The girl's name is Deliliah in memory of Sampson.



At 5:44 AM , Blogger Carolyn H said...

Omen's pups may not have been born on 6/6/06, but in that first picture, she really looks like a devil dog!

Carolyn H.

At 12:24 PM , Blogger tamra said...

I guess she's aptly named by her appearance then, but she's really a sweetheart. Last night she finally left her litter for a moment when they were all sleeping. She immediately ran into the house, jumped on the couch and stretched out on her back trying to absorb her few moments of blissful couch time. Two minutes later she jumped back up and ran back to her pups.

Thanks for reading the blog!


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