Monday, April 24, 2006

How we spent the weekend

This weekend we took advantage of the high winds and good trails to take some teams out on the lake. Hugh took 4 teams out on Saturday and I took a team out on Sunday. The trail was a bit wet in spots but overall it was solid. There's been warm temps. lately so the snow we had last weekend is melting fast but the winds kept it cool enough to prevent the dogs from overheating.

This is Annie and Watson leading the second team back up from the lake.

This is Holly and her year-old litter. Great dogs - possibly Hugh's sprint team next year.

This is me coming down the lake. Chaney sees Hugh with the camera and gives a quick smile.

Then the rest of yesterday was spent getting wood for next winter. It's not all fun and games living in our doggy world - there's lots of day to day work involved. It's a good time to get wood - we beat the rush, there's no bugs out, and its not too hot.

This is Hugh unloading some wood and stacking it in neat piles.

Afterwards we relaxed with dinner, and some quiet time. Obviously Colby is waiting for us to turn the TV on so she can watch a movie. Or maybe she just likes looking at herself. Don't ask about the plastic covering the DVD player. Let's just say there's been a couple of accidents that don't mix well with electronics.


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