Thursday, March 30, 2006

Greetings from Kotzebue

Hello fellow Dawg enthusiasts!
We're now just a few hours by plane north of Nome in the Eskimo village of Kotzebue. Will be competing in the Kobuk 440 which starts next Thursday. This year's contest promises to be an exciting race with most of the Iditarod's top ten expected to enter. Was hoping to compete in a sprint race In Noorvik, 50 miles to the east tomorrow but had to turn the team around up in the hills outside of town due to the 50 mph winds and low visibility. Couldn't find the trail markers, no need to tax the dogs energy before next week's big event. Out here on the edge of the ocean the storms are legendary as my wind sheered brown face is now a testament to. This is a beautiful area when the sun is out however, so hopefully things will clear up here within the next week. You wouldn't believe the prices here- was just at the store stocking up on supplies- milk was on sale: 2 for $12, large jar of jellybeans-$15, loaf of bread-$5 etc. In Fairbanks a bale of straw is about $10, here-$40. Last night I stayed with John Baker, an Inupiat eskimo musher, who consistently finishes in the Iditarod's top ten; fifth this year. It was great talking dogs with him as well as Terry and Buddy Streeper, two famous Canadian sprint mushers. Life's all about who you associate with and learn from- fortunately I've been honored to share time with some of the greatest dog people in the world since I came north from Chicago many moons ago.

Once again a reminder that we'll be performing our next 'Tails from the North" Tour of the lower 48 speaking with kids and community groups in early May please contact us soon at if you're interested in enjoying this unique glimpse of our northern lifestyle and beloved canine companions. The lecture includes a mushing video, equipment demo, posters to purchase, q and a session and perhaps a chance to pet one of our pooches as well. Besides mushing with the Dawgs there's nothing I enjoy more than showing others the beauty that I am so lucky to be a part of each and everyday. Enjoy the View!
Hugh and the Laughing Eyes Kennel Crew


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