Monday, April 17, 2006

It's Winter Again!

So Hugh finally came home on Friday bringing with him a huge amount of snow. Actually he barely made it home. He left Fairbanks on Thursday night and by Delta Junction it started to snow. He slept for a couple of hours near the border but decided to cut his rest short because the snow was really coming down. He ended up getting home around 1 in the afternoon on Friday and at that point there was over a foot of snow of the ground. The snow was melting as it landed on the main roads but on Annie Lake Road it was deep and he barely made it through with his loaded down truck of 22 dogs, 3 sleds, equipment, and an empty trailer with another 20 hole dogbox on. After he got in and we'd put away all the dogs it continued to snow the rest of the day and all night. We woke up on Saturday morning with over 3 feet of snow on the ground!!! - more than we've had all year. Before the snow on Friday we were down to mud and all the snow had gone in the dogyard.

This photo is from Thursday April 13 on my way to work stopping to let a few caribou go by.

This next photo was taken on Saturday April 15. We had to dig a couple of dogs out of their houses where the snow had covered up most of their doors.

Even though Hugh was sick he decided to take a few of his bigger males that have been sitting for awhile, out for a run to break out a trail on the lake. I had started the trail with snowshoes but after a few hundred feet the dogs were so tired Hugh let them cut out and ran down the road back home. I guess we'll have to find a snowmachine.

Mahoosic, who just got home after doing the Quest, Iditarod, Salmon Lake Nome race, and the Kobuk 440 all in the last two months decided he'd rather just spend some time on the couch. I think he missed his favorite spot.

We spent Saturday shovelling out the driveway and clearing off the roof of the house - quite the workout, but we figured it would be easier while the snow was still light. The dogs are all happy to be home and our new additions Storm and Scrappy are fitting in well. Currently it's still snowing lightly with what looks like another storm front coming in. The forecast is for wind and warm temps though so we'll see. I don't really trust weather forecasts now though as they only called for 5 to 10 cm for Friday. Apparently though that's about all downtown Whitehorse and those on the Mayo road (other side of town) got. Hugh's happy because now he has a chance to do some puppy training with a sled for awhile.


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