Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Kennel Sale!

Zuril (Mackey)

Well it seems like we're bursting at the seams here at Laughing Eyes Kennel with amazing dogs. Though we love them all, at some point we have to face reality and realize that some of our dogs might have just as great if not better lives somewhere else. The more dogs we have, the less attention they all get I guess. So we have decided to have a kennel reduction sale. We're not as worried about the amount that they sell for, as we are the home that they are going to. We only put a dollar figure on each dog to ensure the buyer is willing to make the investment in this dog's life, not looking merely for a free dog, therefore not realizing the expenses involved. Almost all of our dogs are spayed or neutered. This is a significant cost savings for the interested buyer. We're not selling stud dogs or breeding bitches generally. We have found that by spaying and neutering, the dog is healthier, there are fewer growls and fights, they can run loose without worrying about accidental breedings, and they tend to hold weight better. We will sell individuals or a whole team for those interested. We can discuss transportation options. Almost all of our dogs are well socialized, house-trained, enjoy being in the house and come when called. We would sell any dog as a pet, and can recommend good choices for such. We have dogs for all levels and all distances. Most of the dogs listed have been in the Yukon Quest and/or Iditarod. The complete list is on our website.

We have dogs right out of Lance Mackey's kennel and with Mackey/King/Erhart lines. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email (laughingeyeskennel@hotmail.com) or call 867-456-7714. This opportunity is going out first to our loyal blog followers but will be put up on SDC in the next few days.

Bullock (Omen x Maestro)


At 9:06 PM , Blogger irvin wai said...

Congrates on your season hugh,Is axle still available,if so I would like to call you about him ,Thanks,


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