Wednesday, August 09, 2006

1 week to go!

Hugh has been away in Seward since the beginning of July working for Godwin Glacier. He's due back next Wednesday and I can't wait! It will end up being 7 weeks that he's been away and that's a freaking long time. He's had awful weather up there (I'm usually able to talk to him once a week when he comes down to town - usually to see Hobo Jim play, have a shower and a real meal). It's been freezing rain and sleet most of the time and they're talking that they'll have to move camp soon because of dimishing snow. Hugh calls it the ice prison. Basically since he's been gone our projects have been put on hold. I'm working full time so with only me looking after the remaining 30 or so dogs plus puppies I can keep up with the daily chores but that's about it. The weather here has been very wet, overcast and cold in the evenings. Perfect dog running weather but because they're not running they're also playing harder and getting a few nicks.

Yesterday morning I let Sophie and Annie out and they decided to go for a run - straight to our nearest neighbour - Trapper Ray or as his sign proudly states Bumguts (I hear it's a delicacy but I have no desire to try). Anyway, after 10 minutes of them being gone I drove over there and they ran out and followed me home. I could smell Annie before I saw her. Why do dogs love nasty smells? She had obviously found a ripe one and by the time I'd hooked her up, I couldn't get it out of my nose. My only hope was the rain and mud yesterday would help to decrease the odours. It did but not enough that I'd let her inside again last night. Inside last night was Nathan who is always getting into fights and getting the worst of it. This week he is sporting a bite on his neck that looks like dracula got him. I tried putting him in a pen so his collar wouldn't rub at it but in 5 minutes he'd jumped the 6 foot high fence. So I compromise and keep him in every night now. He has his little rubber ball that keeps him (and me) entertained for hours (he likes to play catch with himself).

If anyone is reading from the Whitehorse or Yukon area, we now have Pursuit dog food available. A 30/20 performance food from Dr. Tims Pet Food. Check out for more info about it and Momentum (38/26). Finally good dog food in the Yukon at a reasonable price! Contact me for more info and prices.

I'm sure Hugh will have lots to say when he gets back. He hasn't had time to write much of anything since he left so he has lots of catching up to do. I see the first day of sign-ups for the Yukon Quest were this past weekend. So great that there were 20 entrants! Hopefully the purse increase and promise of a better trail will help get the race back on track. Thanks to the Quest board for finally listening the suggestions of the mushers. Hugh is having a hard time imagining not being on the Quest trail this winter. He wants to support the race and not let one bad experience dictate his future. So who knows? - maybe he'll add his name to the list some time this fall.

I'm still in shock about Susan Butcher passing. I had been keeping up to date reading her and David's updates on the computer. It sounded like there was hope. It didn't sound like the end was near. My only hope is that she is with her dogs that had passed before her. I can't imagine how hard it must be for her husband and daughters. I think because she was so strong throughout her life and mushing career that we all thought if anyone could fight this disease, she could. In the end I guess you never know.



At 6:33 AM , Blogger Carolyn H said...


I'm still in shock too about Susan's passing. The web site did sound hopeful, and not as though her situation was worsening. Like you, I figured if anyone could beat it, it would be her.

Carolyn H.


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