Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Summer Solstice

Well it doesn't seem like the best summer solstice here. It's cloudy and raining - no sun to mark the longest day. My two buddies - Annie and Sophie are in Skagway for the week - one week right Hugh?! And I have his buddies - Deyaah and June-Mari here to keep me company. I also have Monte, Shady, Chaney, Mahoosic, Jedi and two litters of puppies to keep me occupied and entertained. Been busy the last couple of weeks - getting the vegetables in the greenhouses and the flowers in baskets and planters. Looks very vibrant around the homestead now! We fixed a couple of leaks on Sunday too - which is good now that it's raining so I don't spend my whole evening putting buckets out and mopping floors.

Our other newest addition is a kennel cat - Elfin. We're fostering her from the local shelter. She gets along great with the dogs - they're actually a little intimidated by her and she walks around them without a care. Unfortunately the dogs seem to enjoy her kibble and litter box entries so we have to watch out for that on a continual basis. Elfin has become very affectionate as well after a few days of adjustment. Her favourite trick is to jump up into bed in the middle of the night to sleep on my neck. Luckily she's small so she can get away with this for awhile. She's not sure yet about Hugh - probably because he's only around for a couple days every week but she tests out his lap on occassion.

Our puppies are growing fast. I've named two so far - Jersey and Tutshi from Haley's litter. I'll need to ween Jedi's puppies soon - I think she's enjoying the top of her box alot lately - a sign she's ready for them to be gone. Definitely need to expand the puppy pen soon.


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